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Earth speaks through wilderness.    
In Canada we still have
a moment to listen.


Bill on a Shoot

With a constant need to create, Bill and his wife Sue undertook a photographic journey across Canada to capture its beauty and history, they spent periods of time over a three year duration (2003 - 2005) travelling to all of Canada's provinces and Northwest territories whenever their time, schedule, and funds would allow. They travelled more than 100,000 km, capturing over 15,000 high resolution images, and spent many weeks researching the description and history for the images - 60,000 words in all.

The journey to capture the desired images included hiking to far away rugged mountain peaks, climbing to cliff edges on the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, four-wheel driving over steep and narrow back roads, and across the Artic Circle, white-water rafting, three days in a Zodiac boat travelling deep into Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, and skiing in double black diamond terrain.

Many weeks were spent behind the computer to select the final cut of images. These images include spectacular mountains, crystal blue alpine lakes, glaciers, icebergs, northern lights, wildlife (up close), and Canada's largest cities.

This photographic adventure had its challenges. Bill explains, "On many occasions the weather and light did not co-operate, even smoke from forest fires prevented capturing the images I wanted, and some images took a day or more to capture."

On his web site visitors will find selected images of all the Canadian provinces including the northern territories, major cities, popular tourist destinations, National Parks, and some of the most spectacular places in Canada. His galleries also include Native Canada, Adventure and Sports, and Canadian Wildlife, with descriptive text and background information.

His unique website with its many photo galleries and informative text descriptions provides the visitor a one stop place to get a close glimpse of Canada and its history.